APC Collective is an agency offering a trusted network of communicators and brand advisors dedicated to helping clients achieve true impact.

APC Collective was founded by Audrey Ponzio in 2013. While based in Austin, Texas, our Collective includes team members and partners that come from all corners of the country. Our belief is that people should work where they thrive so we happily hire, partner and retain talent from where they want to live.

Our boundless concept isn’t new but for us is working and bringing the best talent to our team and client opportunities.

We have been in the business of strategic communications for over 20 years, and know a thing or two about how to mindfully and effectively engage various audiences. From total market to multicultural, millennials, youth or savvy seniors, policy makers, education administrators, or non-profit partners, media, social influencers and grassroots advocates, we work tirelessly and efficiently to distill an issue, create meaningful messages and engagement that inspires resonance, movement and action.


We believe in strategic thinking...

from seasoned strategists, innovative thinkers and on-the-ground doers.

We believe in collaboration...

great ideas and successful campaigns can come from anywhere and shouldn’t be bound to four walls, one agency, or one core team.

We believe in being solvers...

our collective brings a powerful approach that is tailored to each client need and opportunity by sourcing cross-functional experts to creatively solve and drive results.

We believe in impact...

true impact for our communities and our clients.